Monday Funday: Everhood

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When I saw Everhood for the first time, I think I fell in love. Just a bit.

I’m still processing my experience, and the more I think about the game, the more I yearn for it. It might be easier to show what I mean, rather than tell. Here’s the trailer for the game. Go play the demo, wishlist it on Steam, and then come back and finish reading this!

Absolutely wild.

Everhood oozes charm unlike anything I have ever played before. With a mishmash of RPG, rhythm, and danmaku gameplay, set to a world that knows its birth and purpose, the beating heart on its sleeve pumps hot red blood to the pounding of drums. And what a heart it has. Tight gameplay, a fantastically weird domain, fun new friends (and enemies), a banging soundtrack, heavy usage of fanciful post-processing and screen space effects not normally found in the realm of pixel art, all of it coalesces into an experience that words cannot do justice.


Like, I have no idea how the hell I would describe that final section to someone without showing it to them. Gnome Nirvana, perhaps?

Gnomes or (g)no gnomes, Everhood is poised to take my breath away once again when it releases in the first quarter of next year. I’ll do a proper write-up on my full experience then. Until then!

I’m proud to start my professional blog by sharing this piece of magic with all of you. Monday Funday will (tentatively) be a weekly or bi-weekly post about the wonder of games. Whether they be AAA, solo endeavors, full fat, or bare-bones experiences. Thank you for reading this far. Your time means the world to me, and I’m blessed that you’d spend it reading this.

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